Historical Origin

“In 1847, the Sisters had a problem when the legislature of Louisiana passed an act to incorporate literary, scientific, and religious associations whose membership exceeded six persons and the Sisters were still a determined struggling three in number. Most people doubted whether the infant community would last. Had they not failed twice before? Just as the Sisters were praying for an answer to this problem, providentially, one of Henriette’s former friends, Cecelia LaCroix, who had married a wealthy free man of color, came to her aid. To help the little religious community to become incorporated, a group of free men and women of color allied themselves with the nuns and formed the Association of the Holy Family. Henriette Delille was chosen president and with other outstanding free people of color the Sisters found the moral support needed for their work to grow.”

Henriette Delille, Free Woman of Color”  
                          Sr. Audrey Marie Deietge, pg. 36-37

In 1997 we reorganized our Associate group in the spirit 
of the Canon Laws  299-306 and the Second Vatican 

“An Associate of the Sisters of the Holy Family is a Roman Catholic man or woman who enters into a temporary covenant relationship with the Congregation for the purpose of sharing in the prayer life, ministry and charism of Mother Henriette Delille, our foundress. Hence, The Associates are offered an opportunity to deepen their relationship with God and to respond to their baptismal call to participate in the mission of the Church by sharing in the lie, spirit, and mission of the Sisters of the Holy Family.”

For more information concerning the associate program, please click the Associate Logo below.

Associates make a public commitment renewal annually.

Presently groups of Associates are active in the following places.

New Orleans, Louisiana
Lafayette, Louisiana
Belize, Central America
Opelousas, Louisiana
Houston, Texas
Compton, California

Sr. Clare of Assisi Pierre, SSF
International Associate Director