Henriette Delille’s canonization process was initiated by Archbishop Philip M. Hannan in April, 1988, requested by  Mother Rose de Lima Hazeur, Superior General of the Sisters of the Holy Family.

It was reviewed by a special commission in Rome who gave permission in June, 1988 to officially open the process.

A historical documentation of her life was written by Rev. Cyprian Davis, OSB,  acclaimed author and authority on Black Catholics.  The biography was published in 2004.

Promotion of devotion to Henriette Delille, a significant part of the process, continues from the beginning.

Two miracles are needed through Henriette’s intercession before canonization, one for  blessed and a second for sainthood.

More than 300 favors and possible miracles, granted through her intercession, have been reported; and over 2,000 letters from 47 states and 15 countries have been received at the Commission Office.

The Life, Virtues, and Reputation of Sanctity of Henriette Delille were tried at the Archdiocesan New Orleans Tribunal and an alleged miracle attributed to her intercession was tried in the Galveston- Houston Tribunal.  These  were officially closed June 30, 2005 and July 1, 2005 respectively. 

All documents, were boxed, signed, sealed, sent to Rome and registered at the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. 

The alleged miracle has been declared valid.

The decree of judicial validity was issued in the investigation into the life, virtues and reputation of sanctity of  Mother Henriette Delille on November 10, 2006. 
The process to sainthood has four phases: servant of God, venerable, blessed, and saint. Two of the phases, servant of God and venerable, are complete. Venerable was decreed by Pope Benedict XVI March 27, 2010. 

We continue to pray and to spread devotion. 

The beatification will take place in New Orleans
Click the link below to read articles about Henriette Delille
Click the link below to read articles about Henriette Delille