A Pontifical congregation consisting of 96 members.

The sisters live a vowed life of poverty, celibate chastity and obedience.

 The Motherhouse is located at
    6901 Chef Menteur Highway
    New Orleans, LA  70126-5290
    Telephone:  504-241-3088
    Fax:  504-245-2319

Our mission as Sisters of the Holy Family, an African American Congregation, is to proclaim the Gospel message of Jesus Christ by living the consecrated life.

We exemplify and share the spirituality and charism of Henriette Delille with the people of God.  We bring healing comfort to children, the elderly, the poor, and the powerless, especially those of African descent.

As we embrace the third millennium, our love for God compels us to confront racism, all forms of injustice, discrimination, and economic oppression through evangelization and education.

Our leadership in parish ministry and social outreach promotes family life for the well being of the church and society by fidelity of Christian faith and morals.
The charism of the Sisters of the Holy Family, true to the divine inspiration of our foundress, Henriette Delille, is to be a prophetic witness in proclaiming the Gospel message of compassion, liberation, healing, and empowerment to all peoples with a preferential love for the poor and the powerless.


We, Sisters of the Holy Family, always dependent on Divine Providence, are empowered by the Spirit of God and sustained by the Eucharist and the Word of God.

We live in community with one heart and one mind as consecrated women with perpetuity of commitment by vow to chastity, poverty, and obedience

In the spirit of or saintly foundress, Henriette Delille, we seek the will of God through daily prayer and model our lives on the example and teaching of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

The violet is the emblem of the Congregation.  It does not lift its head in haughtiness;  its leaves extend upon the ground; it seems to lend itself to being trod upon and has no thorns to protect itself against aggression.

It needs no glass enclosure to protect it from the cold for it endures the most cruel frost an terrible heat.

It grows in all climates; it is difficult for the wind to tear it up and hurricanes do not break it because it is so lowly.
We, Sisters of the Holy Family, are a Christian community of consecrated women. Modeling our lives on that of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and in the spirit of our foundresses, we commit ourselves to consistent prayerfulness, spontaneous generosity, affectionate support, diligent labor, and leisurely presence in our community living.  We commit to a shared vision for a better and preferred future as we live in one heart and one mind on the way to God together.
Community Covenant Signing

The shield of the Sisters of the Holy Family depicts our three patrons: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph and shows God’s protecting strength through many years of struggle.

The cross, mounted above the shield, represents Christ. The cincture characterizes St. Joseph’s hidden life, a model of humility. The gold cross in the center of the shield contrasted with blue symbolizes the Kingship of Jesus reigning with His mother Mary. The inverted V-shape serves as a boundary for other symbols of our patrons–the carpenter’s square (Jesus), the mystical rose (Mary), and the hammer (St. Joseph) –and characterizes the Crescent City of New Orleans, a busy port and slave mart, the birthplace of the Congregation founded by Mere Henriette Delille, Servant of Slaves, in 1842. 

The carpenter’s square depicts our regularity in living the Gospel message of Jesus. The rose is indicative of our consecration to Christ and union with God as modeled by our Blessed Mother Mary. And finally the hammer symbolizes our commitment to apostolic works in imitation of our exemplar St. Joseph, the workman.
The Congregation was founded in New Orleans in 1842.

Henriette Delille is the foundress.  She was assisted by 
Juliette Gaudin and Josephine Charles.
The Congregational Leader is Sister Mary Greta Jupiter.

The Congregation's initials are S.S.F.
SSF stands for the French title:  Souers de la Sainte Famille
​We, Sisters of the Holy Family, daughter of Venerable Henriette Delille, will

       -   Faithfully live in community with each other in a joyful, prayerful, and mutually supportive spirit to become the leaven and salt for others,                       especially the poor.

        -  Pray perpetually for the mission and faithfully live the Gospel message by performing the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

        -  Evangelize God's people from birth and death through our ministries of education, pastoral works, healthcare, and housing.

        -  Affirm family life through advocacy and collaborative efforts of parenting education, counseling, and identifying local ministerial agencies.

        -  Educate ourselves and identify available resources that will empower the needy to help themselves.

        -  Participate in actions related to social justice issues.

        -  Utilize technology and social media to promote the mission, proclaim the Gospel message, and inspire religious vocations.

Witnessing God's transformational love by bringing hope and healing to all.